Born back in 1957 in Kragujevac, engineer work organization.The proud father of three daughters. Lives in Kragujevac, Serbia.
With dogs  startedvery young, at age 15.
International referee to shape and working dogs of allbreeds, over  thirty years, all roundjudge. Breeder and racer, first with hunting dogs (pointers, English Setters,  German kurchair and wire-haired hunting dogs),German Shepherd, Schnauzer (large and medium), Golden and Labrador retrivers.There are currently Pet, young females Lagoto Romagnolo and Bischon frize.
Tried and tried all over the world, from Indonesia andJapan, across America and Panama, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy,Polish, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina,Croatian and Serbian course.
Founder and President of the Kennel Club ,, Šumadija,, inKragujevac, founder Schnauzer Pinscher Club of Serbia , a member of the Boardof Directors Kennel Club of the Republic of Serbia, a member of the Commissionfor examinations for judges.